Life After hCG!

Congratulations! You've lost the weight! Now what do you do after hCG?

I been able to help a my friends and family and hopefully you understand how hCG works and to lose weight using hCG. I have told my story to more than a few people. What's more is that I am successfully keeping the weight off and will continue to do so.

How you ask? Well first I changed my mental self image. This is so important because if you can't see your new you before or after your complete the hCG diet, your old you will ineveitably return. I can't stress this enough.

Secondly, I have seriously changed and I am continuing to change my life style. Life after hCG has to include a life style change or a seriouos change in your regular everyday habits. In my lifestyle overhaul do some old habits peek through? Absolutely! Life is a work in progress and I am no where near perfect. But I eat differently(good) and I work out regularly. Two things I did not do before.

Well, this page was not supposed to be ALL about self image and life style changes but it was worth mentioning.

What is Life After hCG About?

This page is more about tips on how to eat, good supplements to take, and exercise tips to aid you in "hCG Maintenance". I mentioned changing your self image and life style changes because it is truly all encompassing.

note: In my opinion there is no real hCG Maintenance. You have or will accomplish something major. When you complete the hCG Diet, it's all about Life Maintenance. Continue to work on you.

Check back here often because as I try new things or I take different approaches to hCG Maintenance, I will gladly share them with you.

Question #1 - What do you eat?
I am a Whole Foods junkie. I absolutely love this grocery store. Everything I cook, which is about 5 days a week, comes from this store.Well there's your answer. I eat whole foods. I avoid highly processed, chemically infused, and non-organic foods as much as possible.

The nutritional value in whole foods is far more superior than any typical microwave dinner or packaged food. And guess what? It tastes SO MUCH BETTER!

Question #2 - Exercise....what's that?
Just joking, but seriously, excercise is VERY important. You will lose the weight. With better eating habits you will keep the weight off. Now, it's time to get fit.

Here's what I a bicyle. Cycling is a great way to get fit and to help keep the weight off. You can choose between road bike, a mountain bike, or a hybrid of the two. The key is to get on the road or your local trail.

Ride for a purpose. I just recently rode in the Illinois Bike MS event where I raised money to help find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. Here I am at the finish line.

Don't like riding? Okay, how about purchasing a pair of running shoes.....or swimming trunks and goggles.

Get a gym membership. Gyms provide a variety of machines and cardio equipment to help you get fit. They may even provide personal training services.

You get the point? Get active to get fit. I believe that I was blessed to lose 70 lbs. I am really close to having the body God designed me to have. I am going to use it. It's fun and it relieves stress.

Not much for physical activity? I wasn't either. After 70 lbs, I have an unbelievable amount of energy. You probably will too. No better way to use it than to exercise.

Check out these websites.

Live Strong.
Live Strong is a great website to check out to help you with your life after hCG. It's very inspirational and it gives both diet and fitness tips. Exercise Prescription is one of my favorite websites. It's an online personal trainer. It educates you on the body and tells you what types of exercise work each muscle in your body. It also gives you a live example of how to perform the exercise. It gives you tips and helps you develop a workout plan.

More to Come!

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