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If you are thinking about eating out on hCG Diet, my first advice would be to avoid it at all costs.

I would suggest only eating meals cooked at home according to the how the diet is set up. This way you can measure your foods and you know exactly what seasonings are placed in the food.

You have the ability to avoid the fat and sugar often found in foods from restaurant food. Simply, eating out on hCG Diet can derail your progress.

I understand though that sometimes that doesn't always work. If you absolutely have to eat out here are some suggestions on how to eat.

Eating out on hCG during Phase 2 - 500 Calories Phase

If you are on phase 2 which is the hCG and 500 calorie phase, it is best to stick to salads that only have tomatoes and onions.

Many places offer to add grilled chicken to the salads at an additional cost. Try to eat only what you would normally eat at home. Since you really don't know the pre-cooking weight of the chicken, it's best to be conservative and remove some from your plate.

Avoid salad dressings because no matter how healthy the restaurant is, most salad dressings are filled with fat or sugar or both. Some may have artificial sweeteners but you want to avoid these too.

I found a great meal from Panera Bread. If I did not have time to prepare my lunch or if I could not bring my lunch to work because of work circumstance and eating out was my only option, I would eat a Panera Bread Chicken Caeser Salad with no croutons, or cheese.

I asked for the dressing on the side so they didn't think I was weird and just threw it away. I would also add tomatoes and onions. It's a pretty good salad.

I will admit, it didn't taste as good as my home cooked meals so it actually motivated me to make sure I cooked my meals as often as possible.

Check out what's in the chicken caeser salad for yourself with the Panera Bread Nutrition Calculator. It is highly recommended that if you are eating out on hcg diet, check out the restaurant's website for nutrition info. I gave Panera as an example because it can be found alost every where and they have one of the best calculators and food offerings.

Eating out on hCG during Phase 3 - No Starch, No Sugar Phase

In phase 3 it's a bit easier because you don't have to remove so many things. You can add fat and you don't have to count calories.

Use Caution

This does not give you a license to eat poorly. Remember we are changing our life styles. It's best to cook but now you can have things like omelets with veggies and cheese, grilled chicken etc.

Don't forget you must stay away from starches and sugars in the phase so you still should avoid salad dressings. Still, it is much easier now to find a decent protein and vegetable and not have to worry about how much it weighs and how many calories are in it.

I will reiterate my original advice. Cook your own meals. You know what's in it and they are ultimately better for you.

How have you handled eating out during the hCG Diet Protocol?

Do you have any great suggestions on eating out while on the hCG Diet? Share it! Others would love to hear how you handled it.

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