Is hCG Diet Cheating Bad?

hCG Diet Cheating is not the end of the world. Well....let me take a step back. I was asked this question. I'm sure many of you have asked the same question. I know I have....

"I cheated really bad. Do I just start over the next day?"

The answer to this question is ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!

If you have cheated on the hCG diet you can still lose weight. DON'T QUIT!

My first time on the diet, I went to a wedding the first weekend I was on the diet. I didn't prepare myself and I was hungry while at the wedding. Additionally, the food was excellent. So, I ate. I tried to remain reasonable until the Red Velvet Cake came. I had to try it. It looked so good. Well, then the reception started and there was plenty of alcohol available and I was with friends who were drinking so I drank to.

I felt awful. I felt ashamed and I felt very guilty. I gained about two lbs and my weight loss stalled for about 3 days. The great part about this story is that I still lost 30 lbs the first time I completed the protocol.

Even with the horrible cheating, I was determined to lose the weight. So, the next day I went back to the protocol as if nothing had happened. At the end, it actually motivated me not to cheat any more.

Chronic hCG Diet Cheating IS BAD!!

Now my previous story doesn't give you the license to cheat. Try your best not to. Like I said before, once or twice will not completely wreck your diet.

Now if you cheat regularly......That's a different story. If you find yourself cheating every other day or even few times a week, you should evaluate what's going on and why you are cheating. If its something you can't eliminate immediatly it may not be a bad idea to put your diet on pause.

My second time on this diet, I cheated regularly. I decided it would be a good idea to do the protocol between Halloween and Thanksgiving. I was doomed from the start. There was TONS of candy in the house from Halloween. I love chocolate and it was often too difficult to resist. Then Thanksgiving came. We hosted dinner and there was your typical holiday food. Turkey, stuffing, macaroni and cheese, sweet potato stir, etc. You name it, it was there. Believe it or not, that's not what got me to cheat. It was the MASSIVE amounts of desserts that everyone brought to the house. Pecan Pie(my favorite), cakes, and cookies were in high supply. For me, it was a disaster.

During phase 3 or the no starch/sugar/carbs phase, I cheated a couple of times with the same types of foods. I had extreme difficulty controlling my weight and had more steak days than I care to mention. Believe it or not the steak days worked and it brought me back to my last hcg weight but it was quite frustrating that I had to keep doing them.

With all of this going on, I completed the diet and only lost 20 lbs. Not bad eh? Nope! I gained at least 15 of those lbs back before I started the 3rd protocol. Becauase of the extensive cheating while on the hCG diet, my hypothalymus did not reset.

If you find that you are hCG Diet cheating on a regular basis, it may because you are going through a stressful time or maybe its a bad time of year for you. Look at what's going on a determine if you should continue. I have found that if I am not completely focused on losing the weight or if there are too many distractions, hCG Diet cheating is inevitable.

Guess What? You still shouldn't quit!

You have a goal to lose the weight. You know that hCG works to help you accomplish that goal. So what if the hCG diet cheating derailed your last attempt? Pick yourself up and do it again! Realize that the 23 to 40 day sacrifice is indeed short term compared to the long term, life long benefit of a healthier, better feeling, YOU.

I went on the protocol for a third time. This time I lost 37 lbs in 40 days.....and yes I cheated but only once this time toward the very beginning.

Don't give up. Weightloss with hCG is very acheivable.

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