hCG Steak Day....What is it?

What is the hCG steak day you ask? Well in all honesty its a day I hope you NEVER experience.

In Phase 3, the "No Starch, No Sugar" phase, the goal is to stabalize your weight. You do this by coming out of starvation by eating more than 500 calories but avoiding all starch and sugars.

Some people will say its okay to have fruit in limited quantities but the original protocol disallowed it. I personally avoided all sugars and starch the first time I did the diet.

Well, during this phase you are supposed to stay within two lbs of your weight measured on the last day you took hCG. For example, if you weighed 220 lbs you can not go above 222 lbs or below 218 lbs.

If you GO ABOVE 2 lbs, even if it's only 1 oz, of the weight measured on your last day of taking hCG, you MUST do a Steak Day.

Instructions for the hCG Steak Day

Real Simple!
  • You must skip breakfast AND lunch.
  • Drink PLENTY of liquids...as much water, tea, or coffee as you desire.
  • That night eat a large steak with either an apple or a raw tomato.

That's it. You should see your weight go under your two lb limit.

Important! You must do the steak day on the SAME DAY you go over two lbs. Do not wait until the next day. Dr. Simeons found that those who waited had to do serious dieting to get back down with the correct range.

As I said before....hopefully you won't have to do the steak day at all.

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