Safe restaurant foods on hcg diet phase 2 and 3

by Elizabeth

You can eat out on the HCG diet phase 2 and 3..
I was on 500 calories while on phase 2. I checked many restaurants Nutritional info online before trying anything.

Some safe bets, Ruby Tuesday's petite sirloin
plain w plain broccoli. You must prefer this plain in Phase 2 to avoid butter and oils. I weighed the steak once I got it home (takeout) and it was cooked always right at 4oz of beef. Tasty and a way to eat out with friends without messing up your 500 calorie intake.

Also Pollo Tropical offers a 4oz grilled chicken breast I used to get with plain romaine lettuce
180 calories there plus unsweetened green peach
Tea w no carbs from Pollo.

Other ideas include Denny's you can have 2 shrimp skewers at 180 calories w a side of broccoli or plain side salad. No dressings on phase 2!!!

Hope this helps. I lost 28lbs on phase 2 and am in
My 3rd week of phase 3.. No weight gains since last injection. Only fluctuated 1-2 lbs on this phase and am enjoying 1200 calories a day!! No sugar no starch but snacking on nuts rules!! ;)

Good luck to all its an amazing diet and really works!

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